Come stay with us at River View

Hi there ...Welcome to River View Holiday Apartment Blog. Here we will share with you tips, information and events to help you enjoy and plan your stay here.


River View Holiday Apt is built next to the Mausica River , in the borough of Arima. (The name Arima is said to be amerindian in origin- meaning water, as the village (now a borough) was built around a river.)
Arima has a busy, vibrant atmosphere with lots of restaurants , schools, shops, groceries and more... So you will have the best of both worlds on your doorstep... the feel of the country and access to a busy town centre...less than a mile away.


Just a short hop away, you can immerse yourself in our amerindian history at the Santa Rosa Carib Centre or at the Cleaver Woods Amerindian Exhibit. If you are a nature lover, then the Asa Wright Nature Centre is the place for you- located in the verdant Santa Rosa Valley. When you have finished exploring, come back and relax in the cool ambience of RiverView Holiday Apartments.


The apartment is self contained and semi- airconditioned with a full kitchen and bathroom. From the apartment you can catch glimpses of our Northern Range but will have a great view of our modest garden and in the mornings, you can enjoy breakfast in the serenity of your surroundings.
After a long day, you may wish to take a stroll in our back garden and if you listen closely you will hear the river as it meanders by. Be prepared as well to be visited by the keskidee, the southern lapwing, green kingfishers, doves, pigeons and other species of birds.

So why dont you... Come stay with us.


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