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Massy Stores Fun Run

If you like participating in fun races then read on....

Last weekend, my niece, participated in a 'fun run' sponsored by Massy Stores. She belongs to a group of avid outdoor adventure lovers who participate in hikes and runs. Her 7 member group's name is 'The Running Crew.

The Massy Stores 5 K Run For Food started at The restaurant TGIF around the Queen's Park Savannah, which is reported to be the largest roundabout in the world and ended back there. There were families, old and young participating as well as looking on. There were fathers walking their babies in strollers in the race, which is nice to see and we hope many more fathers would participate.

At the end of the race , participants were given a bag containing different types of food stuff. There was a farmers market where one could get organic produce much cheaper than in the market and sample booths with lamb arepas, organic eggs and grapefruit.

It was a real fun day for her and her friends and they are…

10 things to bring with you on a Caribbean holiday

Here are the top ten things you should walk with when you are travelling to a Caribbean destination

1) Good sunblock for the scorching days

2) Sun glasses to shade the eyes from the glare of the sun

3) Comfortable shoes for the walking you want to do. Sometimes even getting to a taxi hub can be a walk

4) A nice floppy hat

5) Mosquito repellent

6) Beach balls for the kids to play with

7) A good book for those lazy hot days

8) Beach wear

9) Flip Flops

10 A taste for adventure

Now that you have packed all the important things... why don't you come stay with us

Part 2 New Fire Festival Green Meadows Santa Cruz

Hi there welcome to Part 2 of New Fire Festival Green Meadows Santa Cruz.

There was so much that we experienced yesterday, I needed to take it all in so I could share with you the whole event.

We stumbled upon this interesting booth, where this guy was selling 3-d metallic key chains and bottle lamps made with led lights or edison bulbs in 'upcycled bottles'.

To me this was the best part of my day. Pure genious. There were old solo bottles, beer bottles, brandy bottles, vodka bottles, wine , liqueur name it he had it. I will definitely be installing these in my RiverView Apt in the not too distant future. The lamp company is called lickalamp and the 3-d metal company is trinithingi. Theyre located at Style and Company at Grand Bazaar Cor. Churchill Roosevelt and Uriah Butler Highway.

The concert was very entertaining with lots of new, raw, gifted young people, who did oratories with interesting social commentary topics and a wide genre music. The next generatio…

Part 1 New Fire Festival Green Meadows Santa Cruz

There are some amazing places and exciting things to do in Trinidad and Tobago, that I was not aware of. I used to do alot more 'outdoorsy' stuff when my son was younger ( he is now in his twenties and of course don't want to hang with his mother, understandably).

Today, together with my sister and her husband, we attended the New Fire Festival at Green Meadows Santa Cruz. I know there may be persons who are reading this, who would have visited Green Meadows but I havent. I used to visit the area when I lived in San Juan over 10 years ago but did not expect the development I saw there today.

The access road to Green Meadows is a bit rough but it doesnt prepare you for the beauty and splendour of this piece of grassland and entertainment venue. The grounds are well kept and well manicured. When you look around get the feeling that you're in a luscious green bowl as you're surrounded on all sides by mountains and hills... quite refreshing to the eyes.…

5 things you must experience when you come to Trinidad

You know every country has a local culture which you must experience. In Trinidad we have a unique one, infused with many different traditions (including food) from migrants of different countries all over the world.

For 'trinis', as we are so fondly called, you must experience at least these 5 things.

1) A roti and a red solo in a bottle.

A roti consists of meat, shrimp and/or vegetables cooked with curry and wrapped in a soft dough. The red solo- is a softdrink/soda that is red in colour. 'Solo" is the brand.

2) Doubles at the side of the road

Doubles is curried chick peas spooned onto one half of two sides of fried soft dough. The sauces you get to add to the 'sandwich' takes you to a whole new dimension of taste. Dont forget to say how much pepper you want to add, 'slight' or 'plenty'. If you're adding pepper please be sure to have something beastly cold to drink in hand because it can be 'fiery' even when slight! Many friendshi…