5 things you must experience when you come to Trinidad

You know every country has a local culture which you must experience. In Trinidad we have a unique one, infused with many different traditions (including food) from migrants of different countries all over the world.

For 'trinis', as we are so fondly called, you must experience at least these 5 things.

1) A roti and a red solo in a bottle.

A roti consists of meat, shrimp and/or vegetables cooked with curry and wrapped in a soft dough. The red solo- is a softdrink/soda that is red in colour. 'Solo" is the brand.

2) Doubles at the side of the road

Doubles is curried chick peas spooned onto one half of two sides of fried soft dough. The sauces you get to add to the 'sandwich' takes you to a whole new dimension of taste. Dont forget to say how much pepper you want to add, 'slight' or 'plenty'. If you're adding pepper please be sure to have something beastly cold to drink in hand because it can be 'fiery' even when slight! Many friendships have been struck up this way!

3) Carnival

West Indian style street parade. Lots of parties/fetes, other events. You can even buy a costume on the day of the parade of the bands. The events associated with carnival starts with band launching the year before and ends with the parade of the bands on the Carnival Tuesday (the day before Ash Wednesday). To cool down after the merriment, there are several after carnival(Ash Wednesday) limes/hangouts at the beaches.

4) Pig foot or Chicken foot souse

This is chicken or pork foot boiled and then pickled (the meat is left to soak in salted water with lime, cucumber, pepper and onion slices). Truly one to savour.

5) Cold cold carib beer on a hot day

The go to thirst quencher. It is best with small bits of ice on the inside as well as the outside of the bottle. You would swear it is better than the coldest water you can find, when those temperatures hit 34˚c.

There are lots more to enjoy here in Trinidad.

So why don't you come stay with us........


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