Massy Stores Fun Run

If you like participating in fun races then read on....

Last weekend, my niece, participated in a 'fun run' sponsored by Massy Stores. She belongs to a group of avid outdoor adventure lovers who participate in hikes and runs. Her 7 member group's name is 'The Running Crew.

The Massy Stores 5 K Run For Food started at The restaurant TGIF around the Queen's Park Savannah, which is reported to be the largest roundabout in the world and ended back there. There were families, old and young participating as well as looking on. There were fathers walking their babies in strollers in the race, which is nice to see and we hope many more fathers would participate.

At the end of the race , participants were given a bag containing different types of food stuff. There was a farmers market where one could get organic produce much cheaper than in the market and sample booths with lamb arepas, organic eggs and grapefruit.

It was a real fun day for her and her friends and they are looking forward to the next one.

If you want to learn more about these events or would like to participate in them...then come stay with us.


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