Part 1 New Fire Festival Green Meadows Santa Cruz

There are some amazing places and exciting things to do in Trinidad and Tobago, that I was not aware of. I used to do alot more 'outdoorsy' stuff when my son was younger ( he is now in his twenties and of course don't want to hang with his mother, understandably).

Today, together with my sister and her husband, we attended the New Fire Festival at Green Meadows Santa Cruz. I know there may be persons who are reading this, who would have visited Green Meadows but I havent. I used to visit the area when I lived in San Juan over 10 years ago but did not expect the development I saw there today.

The access road to Green Meadows is a bit rough but it doesnt prepare you for the beauty and splendour of this piece of grassland and entertainment venue. The grounds are well kept and well manicured. When you look around get the feeling that you're in a luscious green bowl as you're surrounded on all sides by mountains and hills... quite refreshing to the eyes..... The yellow poui trees have also begun to bloom to the north of where I took this picture.

The Festival was in full swing when we arrived just past 11 am. The entrance fee was TT$50 or US$8 for a day pass, $200 / US$32 for an overnight pass and $400/ US$64 approximately for a weekend pass for those who may wish to camp there. A yoga class was in session at the main building and I counted more than 15 persons in attendance. (I didnt want to infringe on people's rights so I took a pic of the building after the class)

The two day festival included, an open air concert, many craft and hobby booths and food stalls, camping, story telling, kite building and lots more. The delicious aromas coming from the food stalls were enticing to every foodie out there. There was a variety of meat, fish and vegan menus. You could buy coconut bakes and saltfish, lasagna, pelau, pies- wafting through as you visited the booths. My sister and I bought lasagna with salad. The lasagna was packed with minced beef and vegetables. Could not eat all at once so I left some over for dinner. It was so rich.

There was a company giving samples of what they call 'old fashioned dhal, lentil peas and red beans'. The dhal reminded me of when my mom used to make it but I can make my own dhal so I dont need to buy it except if I am taking it abroad for someone. They were TT$42 for 32 oz, if I remembered excatly.

I didnt buy any of the fruit juices on display unfortunately as I wanted to stay properly hydrated as it was very hot, so it was water all the way but the little alcoholic imp in me (I barely drink alcohol hahaha...I am told a little sniff and I am already tipsy)wanted to sample the cherry ponche de creme- its a thick creamy milky drink similar to baileys with lots of rum sometimes. It is usually drunk around christmas time in Trinidad. It was delicious so I bought two small bottles - one for me and one for my sister.

There was a fruit and vegetable stall selling limes $1 for one and they were huge- the markets are selling them $3 for one so of course it was a steal of a deal . We also bought grapefruit, pawpaw, barbadine and pimento peppers. Oh, my sister snuck back just before we left and got the remainder of the limes for $5. I counted almost 10 limes in the bag...lucky girl. This is the second time this has happened. The last time was last year at a farmers market in Lopinot and yeah she snuck off and got the last of the crops insanely cheap.

This was no means the end of the event for us. There is so much more to tell you. Read on tomorrow for the second part of Green Meadows Santa Cruz where you will hear about 3-d metallic key chains and bottle lamps, the open air concert and camping.

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