Part 2 New Fire Festival Green Meadows Santa Cruz

Hi there welcome to Part 2 of New Fire Festival Green Meadows Santa Cruz.

There was so much that we experienced yesterday, I needed to take it all in so I could share with you the whole event.

We stumbled upon this interesting booth, where this guy was selling 3-d metallic key chains and bottle lamps made with led lights or edison bulbs in 'upcycled bottles'.

To me this was the best part of my day. Pure genious. There were old solo bottles, beer bottles, brandy bottles, vodka bottles, wine , liqueur name it he had it. I will definitely be installing these in my RiverView Apt in the not too distant future. The lamp company is called lickalamp and the 3-d metal company is trinithingi. Theyre located at Style and Company at Grand Bazaar Cor. Churchill Roosevelt and Uriah Butler Highway.

The concert was very entertaining with lots of new, raw, gifted young people, who did oratories with interesting social commentary topics and a wide genre music. The next generation was just ooozing with talent. I was so proud to be a part of it. There is supposed to be a dance later on, which I am sure the younger people will totally enjoy.

Oh I havent mentioned the campgrounds yet, which were enjoyed by persons of all ages and families as well. There were too many tents to count. I was told that any assistance you required for to put up the tents you could get from the Scout Association. I know, I would have needed help....I dont know anything about camping but would love to try it.

Here are some of the pics from the camp site and picnic area.

There was a triangular shaped structure made with bamboo poles and fabric. A group of young persons had laid there sleeping bags and mats there so they could sleep in the open air. Fun, fun, fun.........Hope it doesnt rain.

This is as much as I could remember from the festival, hope you enjoyed this little recounting of our adventure at the New Fire Festival at Green Meadows Santa Cruz


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