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Things to do in Trinidad - June 2017

Hi there I am back from my adventure on the island of Grenada and today I attended an event at the Mariposa Cafe and Gardens in Lopinot Arouca.

I am not here to talk about that yet but will do so over the next couple of days so if you want to be sure not to miss them, subscribe to this blog so you don't miss any part of the adventure which included pork cooked in chocolate, hummingbird visits, a hike in the hills , a folk story about papa bois, an interesting amphitheater for events, their award winning chocolate and more.

Today I am going to share with you a few events that will be taking place in Trinidad in June 2017 from the website

1) For you dancers- The Salsa Fiesta TNT 9th Edition which takes place from the 1st to 4th June is an annual event which features dance instructions from both instructors and performers of international and local fame.
-There will be 50 workshops
-3 nights of latin parties
-2 nights of dance showcases by international…

An adventure at The West Indies Beer Co Grenada

Wow I think Grenada just got even better with the West Indies Beer Co. at Lance Aux Epines Grenada.

Hi there welcome back to our adventures in Grenada. If you are looking for something exciting to do in Grenada...this is one for the beer drinkers.

Its been there a while but my boyfriend and I finally decided to give it a try and we really enjoyed it. And, I think it was the beer I sampled that also made me forget that I was flying home the next day, however its a good thing I decided to check my plane reservations that same night albeit at 10pm.

So thankfully I did not miss my flight...

Now back to the beer you would be surprised to know that beer is not to my taste but adventure is my middle name so I tried one of the beers called 'black rock' with 8.3 % alcohol and it had a punch.... Its a good thing it was just a sample...whooooo... Even my dearbf who has had several strong beers while living many years in England thought ....whooo....that's a beer.

I j…

Through the Belvedere Estate- Grenada

I was saddened to leave the beautiful concord falls but we were taking a drive through the countryside of Grenada and it was already late afternoon.

The drive back out was filled with talk of the amazing beauty and sheer wonder of the Falls. How powerful it sounded and how pristine it was. We continued along the road towards Gouyave, a fishing village on the western side of the island- looking at the villagers from the community sitting at the side of the road, enjoying their sunday afternoon sunshine, some were in the park watching a local football match, some were bathing in the sea. There were mothers, aunts and sisters combing the hair of young ones , family members even neighbours/ friends.

We decided to go through the interior of the island for a change, taking the road to Clozier, through the Belvedere Estate. Belvedere estate (from my reading),was an old sugarcane,nutmeg and banana plantation and there, Julien F├ędon settled with his wife and led a revolt against the Briti…

My little secret pool/garden -Concord Falls

Hi there. Welcome back. You're probably wondering about my little secret pool/garden. Well when I began taking photos of the waterfall, I happened to look down from the road towards a building, which was situated across the way of the waterfall and I said WOW.... look how beautiful. It was like a little secret pool/garden.

The water was clean and clear and the vegetation around the pool gave it a sort of unspoiled appearance. Apparently my secret garden/pool was a continuation of a small waterfall across the way where we parked (the pic below shows the smaller waterfall). The water fell from the hills above the roadway, then gathered in a pool there which then continued under the roadway and emptied into my secret pool.

Here is another pic of my secret pool..that I photographed.

In my next post I will share with you photos I took while driving through the Belvedere Estate. If you're enjoying our little adventures 'come stay with us'

Best kept secrets - Beautiful waterfalls in the Caribbean

Hi there everyone..

From my subject line you can tell that I'm in Grenada- a small island in the caribbean sea. A couple days ago my dear bf and I took a drive around the island and decided to find the Concord waterfall. Its not that its difficult to find but its not one of the waterfalls we hear about every day.

We have passed the sign to it may be a hundred times and we never explored the route there.

So on seeing the sign we took the gentle sloping road to the right which said 'Concord Waterfall- 2 miles'....and the journey began. We passed a few houses along the way which then gave out to vegetation. After driving for a while, we saw the sign saying 'Concorde Waterfalls- 1 mile' so we kept driving as we were determined to find it that day and then there it was.... This beautiful majestic falls.

I looked back at the road from whence we came and took a pic of it. Even that was beautiful...

I took a few more pics of the area from the top of the road across from …