My little secret pool/garden -Concord Falls

Hi there. Welcome back. You're probably wondering about my little secret pool/garden. Well when I began taking photos of the waterfall, I happened to look down from the road towards a building, which was situated across the way of the waterfall and I said WOW.... look how beautiful. It was like a little secret pool/garden.

The water was clean and clear and the vegetation around the pool gave it a sort of unspoiled appearance. Apparently my secret garden/pool was a continuation of a small waterfall across the way where we parked (the pic below shows the smaller waterfall). The water fell from the hills above the roadway, then gathered in a pool there which then continued under the roadway and emptied into my secret pool.

Here is another pic of my secret pool..that I photographed.

In my next post I will share with you photos I took while driving through the Belvedere Estate. If you're enjoying our little adventures 'come stay with us'


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