Mariposa Cafe and Garden Brunch and Nature Walk

Hi there and welcome back

As promised I have more adventures for you this time in Trinidad. The Mariposa Cafe and Garden is located in Lopinot, Arouca and is owned by the Guerrero family. The cafe was opened in 2001 and serves a spanish creole cuisine to its visitors.

My sister and husband told me they were going to an event there and wondered if I would be interested. Of course being an adventurer I said 'Yes'. My niece and another sister also went along to the event as it was the Indian Arrival Holiday here in Trinidad and they were looking for something to do.

The day was very hot, lots of blue sky and the road to Lopinot very winding at some parts barely 2 cars can pass but we didnt mind too much as my brother in law is a very careful driver.

We arrived there and was amazed at the number of cars there as we thought we were very early after all we arrived at 11 am and the event started at 9. When we arrived we were escorted to a receiving area where we obtained an empty box which held our chits for our food and drink. As we looked around we were so pleased to see families hanging out together there.

We were shown a little glimpse of the garden which we were encouraged to explore and then we passed through to the dining area where there were many items from yesteryear stored there as a reminder of how things were and how far we've come.

In my next blog I will give you a closer look at the items they had on display. Check back for the continuation of the adventure and if you like what you're reading 'come stay with us'.


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