The Garden Adventure

Hi there welcome back.

So we're ready for the garden adventure at Mariposa and might I say what a wonderful experience it was. First there was a feeding station up on the verandah for the hummingbirds to come by and interact with guests.

It was simply fascinating to see these little birds flitting around really quickly. Lots of people were just taking pics of these jewelled fliers.

Next we walked outside through the garden where the owners of Mariposa labelled a lot of the trees and plants to inform visitors. The one you will see below is lavender.

While walking through one of the paths we noticed an amphitheatre. There they hold small concerts at different times of the year. Last year they told us they had parang songs performed there.

These are other pics we took within the garden.

Hope you enjoyed the visit at Mariposa and I trust you will make it one of your stops when you visit Trinidad in the future.

If you enjoyed this adventure, then 'come stay with us'.


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