To the Farmer's Market we go......Part 1

I had a really fantastic and hectic weekend what with my cousin getting married and all and me and my guy dancing the night away til my feet was swollen but nevertheless I was able to make it to the next adventure. The Farmer's Market and Food Fair Competition at the Queen's Park Savannah on Father's Day.

As usual I never know a lot about the events but once my sis and brother in law say 'Come and Go with us on...whatever day...I am game!" Its only when I arrive do I know about these adventures.
Even though we travelled in separate cars, we travelled liked a caravan and arrived at the same time and parked close to each other...excited to get going on the adventure.

The day started out very sunny and promising but we all came prepared with umbrellas and coats just in case it turned rainy and rainy it became.

The first section we visited was the Farmer's Market and we were anxious to get our citrus fruits before everyone else as they are scarce and very expensive. My first stop was for limes and plantains. Then I got some hot chillies, pumpkin, dried organic rosemary,pineapple. The prices were unbelievably inexpensive. Here are pics from the farmer's market ( you will also see a cane crushing machine -gotta like the old manual ways) -

There were lots of plants in this section which I wanted to purchase but it would have been a challenge to walk around with, and I could not just leave them in my car as they would wilt.

We then visited the craft section with beautifully crafted items such as wooden steel band men carved out of wood which my dear bf and I thought would make great gifts when we travel to visit our friend abroad so we took their number. I bought a cute pair of earrings for casual times. There was a lady who had some beautiful soaps and hand creams etc. I bought an olive oil soap which I am yet to use.

While we were in the craft section we took in a couple of performances on stage as the rain came pouring down at that moment. There was dancing , drumming, storytelling in dance, oratories, singing and lots more.

Excitement in all of the performances as you can tell from these photos.

It was a while before the rain stopped and we were able to move again...The next stop was the Food Stalls which you will learn about in Part 2

Till then hope you enjoy this part of the adventure and if you did..."Come Stay with us"


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